Sump Pump Repair, St Louis & St Charles, MO Area


Here at Anytime Plumbing Services, we specialize in the installation of sump pumps of all kinds and sizes. Catering to both commercial and residential clients, our fully licensed, bonded and insured Certified Master Plumbers bring decades of experience to the table and thorough knowledge of local codes.

Come to us for efficient and affordable sump pump installation that will give you peace of mind. Sump pumps, typically installed in basements and crawl spaces, are designed to eliminate moisture and prevent flooding. If you are in a flood zone or your basement tends to accumulate moisture after a good rainstorm, you need a sump pump. Even if your basement doesn't flood, that moisture can result in mold and potential health problems.

Knowledgeable service for all major garbage disposal brands:

Popular brands; Zurn, Watts and Ridgid.

Same day appointments may be avaiable. Please call 314-283-3370

Sump pumps typically consist of:

  • Gravel-Bottomed Basin or Pit
  • Pressure Sensor or Float Valve
  • Pressure Sensor or Float Valve
  • Centrifugal Pump
  • Return Pipe
  • Check Valve