Plumbing Repair Services, Saint Louis & Saint Charles, MO Area

Water Heaters

Water heater service and repair. Certified and knowledgeable professionals will make sure that your water heater is operating properly and safely at all times.

Sump Pumps

Efficient and affordable sump pump installetion and repair service. Solving plumping and water propblems in your home or business

Leak Detection

Expert leak detection and repair. Fast and lasting service. From small, hidden leaks to burst pipes, we are here to solve any problem.

Faucet Fixtures

Getting the most important fixtures in the house working perfectly. New faucet installation, faucet repair and replacement.


What can be worse than a non-functioning toilet? We are here to fix it. Flush valves repair and replacement, tank leak repair, running tank repair, new toilet installation.


Fixing bath and shower problems with expertise and efficiency. Drain clogs, inadequate pressure, minor and major leaks. New shower installation, shower and tub replacement.

Garbage Disposal

Getting your kitchen sink working again. Repair of clogged, jammed, leaking, humming or poorly grinding garbage disposals. New garbage disposal installation and maintenance.


We will get your dishwasher working the way it should. Fixing leaking, clogged, noisy dishwashers, detergent dispensing, door latch, heating issues. New dishwasher installation.

Commercial Plumbing

Need a new dishwasher or a faucet for your office or just have a leaky pipe? We are happy to help. Affordable light commercial plumbing services